Flasher Rigging

Flashers vs. Dodgers



Dodgers and flashers are both used very effectively to catch salmon. Many fishermen do not know the difference between a dodger and flasher and end up rigging them wrong. Both dodgers and flashers attract salmon with strong vibrations in the water. But, the flasher spins and the dodger does not. A flasher has a narrow diagonal front end which causes it to spin. A dodger is rounded the same on both ends.


A dodger is designed to swing back and forth like a pendulum on a very

short front leader.  A size 0 dodger works best with a front leader of only

27". As pointed out earlier, an eleven inch flasher front leader can be 15 to

30 feet. Both dodgers and flashers work well but more salmon are caught

on flashers. Dodgers are more sensitive to trolling speed changes than

flashers. If a dodger starts spinning, you are going too fast and you have

lost the proper vibrating action.