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SpinRay  Flashers - Size 8

Coming Soon! Lighted Spin Ray Size 8


Check these Unmatched Features

  • Fish Shape Design for more attraction
  • Exclusive "Super UV" Blades
  • ABS Plastic for more strength
  • Double Bend Blades for smooth spin and minimum drag
  • Exclusive Pro-Troll "Easy Spin" stainless ball bearing swivels both ends

"The SpinRay 8 with the EChip makes a noticeable difference"
Chris Vertopoulos
Guide - Northwest Anglers Experience
Portland / Vancouver

5 SR8-2020 Slanted.jpg

SR8-100 UV Blade

Plain (No Tape)


SR8-104 UV Blade

wiith Red Fishscale Tape


SR8-105 UV Blade

with Green Fishcale Tape


SR8-106 UV Blade

with Chart Fishscale Tape





SR8-795 Super UV on a UV blade

Glow Stripe on Back



Rear view shows double bend blades

SpinRay Size 10


SR8L crop.jpg

U.S. Patent 6,457,275 B1
Other U.S. Patents Pending

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