Downrigger Techniques

Downrigger Fishing Techniques


This book is the bible for learning to use and operate downriggers. Dick Pool, the author, has used and designed downriggers for over thirty years. A number of the innovations on modern downriggers are a result of his work. The book covers key subjects like how to choose a downrigger, how to rig it for best results and how much weight you need for different applications. The book is available at tackle outlets or can be ordered directly from Pro-Troll.

This book may be purchased at tackle dealers.

Chapters of the book are included here for your reference.


  • Choosing a Downrigger


  • Downrigger Tips That Bring Home More Fish


  • Downrigger Do's and Don'ts


  • Multiple Lines On One Downrigger


  • Downrigger Mounting Techniques


  • Downrigger Weight Recommendations


  • Common Downrigger Questions