ProFlash Lighted 11 Inch Flashers

No Lite,

No Bite!

This is the latest high-tech Pro-Troll development.

You will be amazed with the flashing light results!


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Lighted ProChip 11 Fin Flashers

Lighted HotChip 11 Flashers

ProFlash Lighted Flasher Patent D860,379 S

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ProFlash Replacement Lights

(2 per pkg)


Following three years of testing and development, Pro-Troll has developed a lighted flasher series.  Most fish are attracted to light.  The light is water activated.  It turns on when it contacts the water, and turns off when dry.  It's unique circuits flash red, white and green on both sides of the flasher.  The sealed battery lasts 80 hours or more and then the light can be easily replaced.

Lighted flashers and glow flashers are most effective in dim light

(early morning) or in cloudy water or when fishing deep (where it's dark).

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