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Black Box Techniques



This book is about the use of a small electrical charge on a downrigger cable or transom mount to catch more fish.  The principles are well established, particularly with certain species of fish.  If you fish for electrically sensitive fish, and you follow the principles in this book, there is no question that you will catch more fish.  However, to be successful, you must carefully complete a three-step process.


1.  Study this book carefully and you will learn enough about electricity and downrigger voltage to check your boat and make any necessary adjustments.


2.  Rigorously check your boat for proper bonding, electrical leakage and zinc anode conditions.  Problems here are the reasons a lot of boats fish poorly.   A Black Box will help even the wost of boats but it cannot overcome serious electrical problems.


3.  If you install a Black Box, be sure it is set up properly and you understand the readings.  As you use it, continue to monitor the base reading on the boat to ensure everything continues to work correctly.

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