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Kokanee Killers

Kokanee Killers

Check These Features:

  • Includes the EChip electronic attractor - deadly for kokanee
  • Holo tape reflects a bright array of colors
  • 3D eyes for lifelike look
  • Flex spacer beads for more lure action & hook stability. Comes in size 1 or 2
  • Standard models have dual tandem gold hooks, Holo and UV have dual tandem red hooks
  • Auxillary slow speed alternate rigging hole provides ideal slow speed lure action

Top US Kokanee Derby Winner

Gary Coe

Holographic and Ultraviolet Models

421H Holo

Purple Coe


422H Holo



423H Holo



424H Holo

Fire Tiger


425H Holo



426H Holo

Faded Pink


427H Holo


428H Holo



429H Holo



430H Holo



434H Holo UV

Chart Stripe


435H Holo UV

Pink Stripe


466H Holo UV

Orange Stripe


UV Orange Stripe Shown


"I have tested these lures on the water for several years.  There is no question, they are one of the best kokanee producers on the market."

Gary Coe

Standard Kokanee Killer Models

075      078     195       302       308    309       310    312     409     420           795   

All        Red    All         Flame   Pink   Orange  Kok.  Fire    Water  Kavorkian  Super

Chart    Pearl  Chrome  Sparkle Glow  Glow     Red   Tiger   Melon  Purple      UV

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