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Flasher Rigging

Rigging the Pro-Troll  Flashers


Flashers catch more salmon each year than any other device ever invented. Learn to use the Pro-Troll and you will be amazed at the results.


Rig it right and you will catch more salmon than with any other system. Rig it wrong and you

will catch a few salmon but most of them will not hit. The difference between right and wrong

involves a few basics along with some special tricks. The Pro-Troll flashers are normally tied

to your fishing line from your rod and reel.You will then rig a bait, hootchie, fly or lure two to

five feet behind the flasher. With your boat in motion you let the flasher up to 30 feet back.

Your fishing line is then clipped in a downrigger release and you are ready to take the setup

to fishing depth. Diagrams on the following pages show different setups.



Rule #1 Rig it Frontwards

One of the most common mistakes with flashers is trolling them backwards. The narrow

tapered end is the front. The taper makes the flasher spin as it is trolled. The wide rear

section of the flasher kicks back and forth to attract the salmon with strong vibrations.

This flasher rigging section is divided into six sections. Each section discusses a different

aspect of flashers that can help you catch more salmon.




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