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Flasher Rigging

Why Flashers Catch More Salmon



Flashers catch more salmon every year than any device or other setup on the market. The secret lies in the mechanisms salmon use to find their prey. Salmon, like other fish, have five sensing mechanisms they use to find their prey. Sight, smell, sound, lateral line vibration sensors and electro sensor cells which can detect nerve pulses from baitfish. The lateral line is by far the most important of these. Along a salmon's side and on top of his head he has rows of nerve cells that can sense vibrations in the water. When a school of baitfish swim above a salmon he knows exactly where they are even though he cannot see them. He can sense the vibrations of their wiggling tails as they swim. He can also detect stronger vibrations made by larger fish as they attack baitfish. If you watch the action of a Pro-Troll flasher in the water its tail kick closely duplicates the swish swish of a salmon's tail as he attacks.


Salmon sense this from as far away as thirty or forty yards and will immediately

charge in the direction of the flasher. Like a magnet, the flasher has pulled salmon

to your baits and lures. This is the flasher secret. It pulls salmon to your boat. You

may catch them on the setup behind the flasher or you may catch them on other

lures fished above or to the side of the flasher. No other device offers the lateral

line attraction of the well designed Pro-Troll flasher with its strong tail kick. The

Pro-Troll flasher has one additional advantage in that it contains the EChip

electronic pulse generator. This appeals to the salmon's fifth sensing mechanism.

As he approaches, he feels the tiny electric nerve pulses he is used to sensing as

he approaches a live baitfish.

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