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ProChip  8 Flashers


Eight inches of flasher dynamite!

Check these unmatched features:


  • The EChip provides "live bait" nerve pulses
  • Kicker fin on the back provides erratic rotation
  • Minimum drag when a fish is hooked
  • Can be run as slow as 1 mph with outstanding action
  • Easily rigged with long or short leaders on downriggers, drop releases or dipsies

Ken Russkiewicz

2015 Winner - LOC Fall Derby 31.1lb King caught

on a ProChip8 White Glow Flasher and a fly

PC8-2021 Three Rows.jpg

Closed Out -

Closed Out -

Closed Out -

Closed Out -

Closed Out -




New for 2023


Orange Crush

PC8-880 Black Jack

PC8-882 Pollwog

PC8-886 Hot Tamale

PC8-958 Bullfrog

PC8-960 Butcher Shop

Roberta Redick
$20,000 ProChip 8 derby winner

"This is the most productive flasher I have ever used."
Mike Shrauger
Lake Michigan

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