ProChip 8 Flashers

Eight inches of flasher dynamite!


Glow White

103 Glow Blue



104 Glow Red

105 Glow Green



106 Glow Chart




142 12 Hour Glow White


108 Traffic Light Green


191 Coyote Glow


409 Watermelon


640 UV Plaid

642 UV Plaid Purple Stripe

690 Plaid on Clear

700 Chrome


705 Chrome with Green

714 UV Plaid Red Stripe

715 UV Plaid Green Stripe

716 UV Plaid Chart Stripe

Check these unmatched features:


  • The EChip provides "live bait" nerve pulses
  • Kicker fin on the back provides erratic rotation
  • Minimum drag when a fish is hooked
  • Can be run as slow as 1 mph with outstanding action
  • Easily rigged with long or short leaders on downriggers, drop releases or dipsies

Ken Russkiewicz

2015 Winner - LOC Fall Derby 31.1lb King caught on a ProChip8 White Glow Flasher and a fly

722 Double Glow White



725 Double Glow Green



726 Double Glow Chart



733 Blue Bubble Glow on White


735 Green Bubble Glow on White



736 Mountain Dew Glow on White



743 Blue Bubble Glow on Blue


745 Green Bubble Glow on Green



746 Mountain Dew Glow on Chart



753 Blue Bubble & Scale on Chrome



755 Green Bubble & Scale on Chrome



756 Mt. Dew Bubble & Scale on Chrome



765 Dark Green Bubble and Scale on



704 Chrome Red

Scale Back

Roberta Redick
$20,000 ProChip 8 derby winner

795 Super UV on UV Blade



796 Super UV on White Scale Back



797 Super UV on Chrome Scale Back

798 Super UV on Chrome Glow Back

780 Super UV on Green Glow Back


778 Moonbeam on UV Glow Back Dark Green Stripe


776 Moonbeam on UV Glow Back Dark Chart Stripe

"This is the most productive flasher I have ever used."
Mike Shrauger
Lake Michigan

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