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Flasher Rigging

Hootchies are very effective behind flashers when the salmon are feeding on shrimp or krill (squid). There are dozens of color variations available. Whites greens and shades of reds and purples are popular hootchie colors.


Some fishermen use lures or spoons behind flashers but you have to be

careful. A lure that is too heavy will kill the tail kick in your flasher. Small StingKing lures and spoons can sometimes work very well.


As the season moves into summer

and the larger salmon are reaching

maturity, small flies and sparkle hootchies can work very well. Howie or Horse flies tied 20 to 24 inches behind a ProChip 8 flasher can be deadly.

Lures and Baits to Use Behind Flashers


Bait rigged behind the flasher catches more salmon than any other setup but hootchies are also very popular. When frozen bait (or bait strip) is used, it is best to use whatever the salmon are feeding on in the area where you are fishing. In the ocean, this is most often anchovies or herring. In fresh water the common baits include shad, smelt and alewives. The bait should be mounted in a bait holder like the Pro-Troll Rotary Salmon Killer or new Roto Chip. My traditional setup for ocean chinook was an 11" flasher with exactly four feet of tail leader and a red or chartreuse Rotary Salmon Killer holding a frozen anchovy or herring. Year in and year out this setup proved more effective than any other variation I had tried. Since the development of the ProChip 8 flasher with the agitator fin and the EChip, I now use this setup more than anything else. It catches more salmon. Early in the season when the salmon are agressively feeding I will normally use a frozen anchovy or herring approximately 30 inches behing the ProChip 8.



















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