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Flasher Rigging

Flasher Colors and Trolling Speeds



Flasher Colors


Pro-Troll makes a number of different color flashers and different finishes.


The best salmon colors are red, green, blue, white and chartreuse. Tape finishes include embosses silver, white glow in the dark, fishscale and several special reflective tapes. The

best color to use will vary with water color and fish conditions. Water color is very important. It can vary from absolutely clear to green, brown or blue depending on silt and algae conditions. One flasher rule of thumb is to match the water color. In green water use green flashers. In blue water use blue and in brown water use red or white. When fishing very deep (100 to 200 feet down or more,) light colors like whites and glow in the dark

work well. The best color strategy is to have a variety of the most popular flasher colors in your tackle box. If you are not catching fish with one color, try another. Often you will find that one color will outfish all the others. But, the next time you go out, you may find that a different color is best.


Flasher Trolling Speeds


Conventional 8 and 11 inch flashers are normally trolled between 2.0 and 2.5 miles per hour. This speed is needed to give the flasher good tail kicking action. The vibrations from the tail kick are what attracts the salmon. The ProChip flashers with the agitator fin on the back can be trolled much slower than conventional flashers and still provide excellent tail kick. These can be trolled down to 1.0 mile per hour. At whatever speed you troll, look at your flasher action as you start to let it down. It should have a strong side to side tail kick along with a spin. The optimum salmon attraction occurs when the flasher is most erratic in its motion.


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