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E-Chip Information


"This device promises to revolutionize fishing with artificial baits and lures. Its electric nerve discharge gives life to the lure and predators will attack."

The photo shows EChips mounted on E-Lures. The chip is held in a small socket.

The EChip is a small tube that encases a ball and proprietary microchip crystal. The rocking of the ball agitates the microchip and it gives off a tiny electrical pulse. The EChip duplicates the electrical nerve discharge of a wounded baitfish. This discharge is detected by predator fish and they will attack. The Echip never needs charging or batteries and it doesn't wear out.

The Echip
(actual size)
There are two sizes of EChips. The small size (1/2 inch) fits on small lures and the larger size (3/4 inch) works best on larger lures.

U.S. patent #6,457.275B1 Canadian patent #2360862

$20,000 Grand Prize winner on a ProChip 8 EChip flasher. Lake Ontario LOC Derby with 3,000 fishermen

1st Place in a 200 boat trout kokanee derby using an EChip spinner

1st and 2nd place in a trout derby using an EChip Kokanee Killer

$25,000 1st Place in British Columbia using a ProChip 8 flasher

Grand Prize for Scandanavian

EChip team

1st Place in a laketrout makinaw derby using a StingFish EChip

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