Dealers of Nevada

City                                Dealer                                                                    Products

Carson City                             Steve's Fishing Supplies - Internet Only             Black Box, Kokanee Killers,

                                       866-270-9025                                                     Stingfish Lures, E-Lures, Trout Killers


Reno                               Mark Fore and Strike                                        Kokanee Killers, Baitholders,              

                                       90 Kietzke Lane, 775-322-9559                            E-Lures, Trout Killers


                                       Sportsman's Warehouse - Reno                       Flashers, Kokanee Killers,

                                       3306 Kietzke Lane, 775-828-1500                        Baitholders, Stingfish Lures, Trout Killers


Sparks                             Gilly Fishing Store                                           E-Lures

                                       1111 N. Rock Blvd., 775-358-6113

                                       Scheels                                                            Kokanee Killers, E-Lures, Trout Killers

                                       1200 Scheels Ave.,  774-331-2700



Sutcliffe                            Pyramid Lake Store                                         E-Lures

                                       29555 Pyramid Hwy., 775-476-0555



Verdi                                Cabela's, Reno                                                 Black Box, Flashers, Kokanee Killers,

                                        8650 Boomtown Road 775-829-4100                    Baitholders, Stingfish Lures, E-Lures,
                                                                            Trout Killers  


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