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PS Ernie Lantiegne


Capt. Ernie Lantiegne


Mexico, NY (315) 963-8403
Ernie is one of the most widely known and well respected charter

captains on Lake Ontario. He operates Fish Doctor Charters. He is

a former head biologist for the New York State DEC. His advanced

technology techniques won first place in the prestigous LOC derby

in the fall of 2006 and again in the spring of 2007. His seminars and

classes have taught thousands of fishermen how to be successful.

Capt Michael Ford.JPG

Capt. Mike Ford


Oliverea, NY (845) 594-3301


Mike fishes for salmon, steelheads and brown trout.  He runs charters on Lake Ontario, the Hudson River and also the Salmon River.  Mike has found Pro-Troll products to be a key to his fishing success. "It helps me consistently catch fish and has helped me succeed in tournaments".

Capt. James Dexter


Chasen Fish Charters, Port Hope, Ontario (613) 342-3102
Jim Dexter charters salmon and trout.  In 2005 he had four

customers all win in the Great Ontario Salmon Derby.  They

were all using Pro-Troll Prochip8 EChip flashers with flies

behind them.

Capt. Pete Lahosky


Pulaski, NY (610) 442-4572
Pete runs Prime Time Fishing Charters.  His Prime Time Fishing Team is renown on Lake Ontario. Their string of derby winnings in the last five years is unmatched. Pete was one of the early pioneers in developing techniques for taking advantage of EChips in lures and flashers.

Capt. Troy Creasy


Pulaski, NY (315) 298-2410
On the water and off, Troy is one of the fishing leaders on Eastern

Lake Ontario. His High Adventure Sportfishing charter business hasbeen one of the top boats on the lake for 22 years. He has served as President of the Oswego County River Guides Assn., he is a member of the NYS Fisheries Congress and he is editor of the popular Lake Ontario Outdoors magazine. His seminar series is tops.

PS Kevin Keller.jpg

Capt. Kevin Keller


Marietta, NY (315) 729-7602

Kevin has been fishing Lake Ontario for the last 20 years. Over those years, he honed the techniques and tactics needed to catch the big fish. Captain Keller has been recognized numerous times for his expertise as a competitive Charter Captain. His charters fish for brown trout, lake trout, salmon and steelhead out of Oswego New York aboard a 2004 33 ft Wellcraft Coastal.

Capt. Rich Nau


Praying Mantis Sportfishing Charters

Lake Ontario, Mexico, NY (203) 912-9915

Capt. Rich "Mantis" Nau has over 38+ years experience fishing Lake Ontario.  Rich fishes out of Mexico Bay, Mexico, New York and runs Charters for Browns, Salmon, and Bass.  He is one of the "TOP" ProTroll ProStaff Members and has won numerous tournaments using our ProTroll Products.  He credits our ProTroll Flashers as the "key" to his SUCCESS!  Once you fish with the "Mantis" you will see his integrity and professionalism shine!  You will enjoy the experience fishing Lake Ontario with Praying Mantis Sportfishing Charters!

PS Rich Nau.jpg
PS Bob Dick.jpg

Capt. Bob Dick


Henderson Harbor, NY (315) 938-2410

I have lived, loved, and fished the Henderson Harbor area my entire life. On the eastern end of Lake Ontario we have the perfect structure that holds bait which in turn provides us with one of the best fisheries in the United States.

I fish for Trophy walleye, king salmon, big brown trout, lake trout, bass, northern pike, and occasional muskies.

Capt. Matt Bell


Lake Ontario, NY (570) 495-3527

We offer trips from April to October on Lake Ontario for Brown trout ranging from 5-15 lbs,Lake trout 5-25lbs, Chinook, Coho, and Atlantic Salmon 10-35 lbs., as well as beautiful Steelhead and Walleye

PS Matt Bell_edited.jpg

Capt. Jon Ross


Kent, NY (585) 615-0229

40 years fishing Lake Ontario and tributaries. When we are not competitive fishing tournaments, we enjoy taking groups on the lake to experience our great Trout & Salmon fishery.  Recent accomplishments include 2022 Wilson Harbor Invitational, 2022 Sandy Creek shootout, and 2022 Lake Ontario West Champion.
Also proud to promote Pro-Troll on the Great Lakes - Targeting Lake Ontario and Lake Erie.

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