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The Roto Chip Size 1

This Roto chip bait holder has the small head (½" wide) and two size 1 hooks for strip and baitfish from 2" to 3" long. It works well with threadfin shad or other small baitfish. The small E Chip is built in. The baitfish is placed in the head and the adjusting wire ring is clicked tighter until the bait is held in the teeth. The diagonal fin on the back of the Roto Chip gives the bait a rolling wounded fish action.


"I use the size 1 Rotochip with shad for bait and the size 5 E-Rotary with anchovies in them for landlocked stripers like these. These baitholders and the EChips are the most productive setup in my tackle box."

Fred Thomason - Last Cast Guide Service

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