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Downrigger Fishing Techniques

by Dick Pool


The most comprehensive and widely read downrigger book ever assembled. Dick Pool designed and developed downriggers for over 20 years. The book is packed with information that will help you choose the right downrigger for your boat. In addition it gives you weight recommendations and rigging tricks. Loaded with photos diagrams and tips.

Black Box Techniques

by Dick Pool & Joe Spurgeon

Every boat is surrounded by a weak electrical charge in the water. This book explains how this electric field affects your fishing and what you can do about it. Simple tests are explained to see if your boat is attracting or repelling fish.  "Hot" boats are common and many fishermen go for years not knowing why they are not catching fish. Get the facts from two engineers that have researched the subject for years.  Click here to read this book online

How To Catch Salmon

by Dick Pool

Dick Pool has spent many years researching salmon techniques. He is best known for his work using an underwater TV camera. He produced two movies showing salmon techniques to thousands of salmon fishermen. “Salmon Attack” played at the popular West Coast Sport and Boat Shows for a number of years. Dick's other movie “Pacific Ocean Salmon Fishing” was released on home video. His book "How to Catch Salmon" contains invaluable information from a lifetime of studying salmon. You will find chapters such as "How to Find and Attract Salmon", "Downriggers, Rods and Reels", "The EChip Electronic Attractor", and much more.  Also loaded with photos, rigging diagrams and special tips.

Click here to read this book online

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